Westbank Louisiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Have your credit card debts spiraled out of control? Do you have medical bills that will take you many years to pay? Perhaps you are living in dread of the next collection call or facing the threat or reality of a creditor lawsuit, wage garnishment or repossession of your car.

For people who qualify based on their income levels and other factors, filing Chapter 7 “debt liquidation” bankruptcy is often the best, most practical solution to problems like these. Applying 35 years of experience, Westbank Louisiana Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Robert L. Marrero will help you decide if this is the right move for you.

Do You Need Protection From Relentless Collectors To Get Back On Track?

At our law offices in Algiers, we know that financial distress can strike anyone. Most people we help have suffered some unavoidable setback or simply gotten too deep in debt trying to keep up with basic family needs. Together, we will weigh all your options. You can count on straight talk about what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can accomplish for you, such as:

  • Providing a relatively quick, legally enforceable discharge of debts that are unsecured — such as most credit card balances and medical bills
  • Ending creditor harassment and preventing or stopping actions against you to collect on such debts
  • Freeing income that you have been using to try to pay these debts so that you can focus on keeping up with your mortgage, auto loan and other critical obligations

Filing bankruptcy is a big decision. It is essential to get experienced legal counsel and choose the right path. If you do not qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or have specific goals such as stopping home foreclosure, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may well be the best available solution.

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We don’t want you to keep losing sleep and losing ground. Too often, people lose assets they could have kept or make their debt problems worse by taking out payday loans and trying ineffective debt consolidation programs.

If you have questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other ways to overcome your financial problems, request a free debt relief consultation with attorney Robert L. Marrero now. We are committed to helping you make an educated decision and position yourself for a better future.

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