Wills, Probate & Succession

Westbank Louisiana Lawyer for Last Will and Testament

Did you know only half of adult Louisianans leave a will when they die?

It’s an act of negligence to die intestate. If you die without a will, your property is distributed according to the laws in the state, rather than your own specific wishes.

Making Out a Will Is a Duty to Those You Love

Talk to Robert L. Marrero about doing your duty to your family. Wills are not that hard to make out, but the process makes you realize what your assets are, and clearly indicate where you want them to go.

The Process of Contesting a Will

Wills do not absolutely have to be accepted. Often, there are reasons to object to a will. Is it signed? Is it correctly made? Is its method of distributing assets proper? Robert L. Marrero knows.

Experienced Westbank Probate Attorney

Before assets in an estate can be distributed, they must be tested in probate. Debts may have to be paid.

When a will is contested, it can cause great stress within the family. Whichever side you are on, you will want to have an experienced and aggressive lawyer representing you. Succession attorney Robert L. Marrero has been through many of these disputes and been instrumental in achieving peaceful and positive resolution.

Westbank Successions and Home Inheritances

Oftentimes, a surviving spouse will need to open succession to get the title to their home. It is important, when the surviving spouse passes, that the burden on the children be minimal. The worst situation is when there is a double succession – both parents have passed and their successions are unresolved.

Resolving Title and Tax Issues

An experienced succession attorney can help you get through these difficult situations. Every step along the way, Robert L. Marrero follows the timeline of the will’s creation. If there are title issues, he will identify and address them. If taxes are owed, he will work to minimize them, as well as any fees or penalties.

If refinancing is planned or a sale is planned for property, the succession needs to be completed before things can proceed.

It is a good idea to conclude the open succession as quickly as possible. There are good reasons to open a succession for a deceased parent sooner rather than later.

Don’t Attempt to Pass Through Probate Without Guidance

Call Robert L. Marrero and meet to discuss your situation. A face-to-face conversation is much better than getting information about probate and succession from Internet sources. This information may not apply to you, it may be wrong, or it may not be legal under Louisiana law.

Wills, probate and succession can turn into a swamp without skilled legal assistance. For experienced, savvy representation, e-mail Westbank Louisiana attorney for last will and testament Robert L. Marrero, or call him at 504-535-7813.