Westbank Louisiana Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

Unfortunately, serious disagreements about money and property sometimes arise within families after a loved one passes away. When siblings or other heirs dispute who should get what from an estate, relationships as well as assets are on the line. If you suspect wrongdoing involving an estate or are being accused of taking more than you deserve, it is critical to consult an experienced, balanced lawyer.

Do You Suspect Manipulation Or Forgery? Accused Of Abusing Your Authority?

Robert L. Marrero is exceptionally qualified to serve as your Westbank Louisiana inheritance dispute attorney. He has 35 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the laws relevant to wills, probate and successions. Our firm is a go-to resource for:

  • Analysis of allegations such as undue influence — as when someone coerced the deceased into changing a will in the days or weeks before death — that may justify a will contest
  • In-depth review of a will and other estate planning documents to determine the strength of the various parties’ positions
  • Consideration of all paths to resolution of a dispute, including direct negotiations or mediation that may lead to an acceptable compromise and prevent a costly battle in court
  • Representation in litigation if other solutions fail to produce a just outcome

Contact Our Firm For Focused Attention And Protection Of Your Interests

We understand how emotionally stressful it can be to come into conflict with immediate family members in a time of grief. There is no substitute for reliable information about your rights and well-considered advice about whether a cause of legal action exists. If you have suspicions or need guidance about possible estate litigation, please call 504-535-7813 or reach out to us by email and arrange a consultation directly with attorney Robert L. Marrero.